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Should You Buy LTCi Now or Should You Wait?

This video explains the advantages of buying LTCi now, using some unusual, but effective, education.
Watch Time: 5:01

Terry Savage on Why You Should Consider LTCi

Terry Savage, national syndicated columnist explains why people should consider LTCi. Lecture facing audience.
Watch Time: 1:51

State of Texas on Why People Should Consider LTCi

A government video encouraging people to consider LTCi
Watch Time: 0:30

Why people should consider LTCi

"Life Happens", a non-profit organization , explains why people should consider LTCi.
Watch Time: 2:12

Retirement and Estate Planning Post-COVID-19

Use with clients. COVID-19 depresses broad investment categories. Linked Benefit life/LTCi is particularly attractive. It is guaranteed, immediately re-establishes some lost estate, is a great way to self-insure some LTC risk while having inexpensive catastrophic/stop-loss protection, compounds the maximum benefit and can sometimes be used to pay family members. It does well in all economic scenarios and can be tax-favored.
Watch Time: 5:40

The Value of Living Benefit Riders

Explains the difference between Chronic Illness, Critical Illness and Terminal Illness benefits and why they are attractive.
Watch Time: 2:40

Workplace Caregiving and its impact on employers

This excellent video was created by one of our associates, AGIS. AGIS helps market to large employers and provides an outstanding enrollment service.
Watch Time: 2 Minutes

The Future Zone

This video can be used with individuals or with a group. It is a great warm-up for group enrollment meetings. If it is shown to early arrivers, the word might get out that you don’t want to be late for the enrollment meeting.
Watch Time: 7 Minutes

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