Life and LTC Quoters

Our complete collection of quote tools for life and long term care.  Don't want to run it yourself? Request a quote here

Life Settlement Calculator

Needs Analysis

Client facing tool to help client's understand their insurance needs for family planning and income replacement.

Retirement Calculator

Use this with client's to show them how much they need to save in order to meet a retirement goal.

iPipeline Tools

Gain access USA-BGA's suite of digital new business tools. This includes forms, iGo E App, life insurance quote and apply, and more.

Term and GUL

Run your own term and GUL quotes from an exhaustive list of companies.

Cost and Benefit Analyzer

Use the LTCi Cost and Benefit Analyzer (CBA) for clear, meaningful, client-customized long-term care insurance value propositions immediately. With our proprietary iPad-app-type tool, clients can, in 15-20 minutes, make a final, informed, well-documented decision about buying LTCi

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Range of Exposure

Engage your clients in productive long term care planning by showing the probability of a range of results, completely customized for your clients.

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Long Term Care

Run your own traditional long term care insurance quotes. Click the view instructions button to learn more about it, or go directly to the quote by clicking "go now".


Access the OneAmerica portal where you can find marketing material and run your own asset based long term care quotes.

Winflex Web

Multi carrier illustration tool. Registration is required. Click the View Instructions button to learn more. This tool will allow you to quote the majority of our core carriers.

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