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The Future Zone (7 minutes):

Professionally-developed, it reminds the audience of “The Twilight Zone”. This video can be used with individuals or with a group. It is a great warm-up for group enrollment meetings. If it is shown to early arrivers, the word might get out that you don’t want to be late for the enrollment meeting.

It explores the (potential) fate of 5 people. One is hit by a car, but no physical or mental problem befalls the other 4 people. Nonetheless, each person has a potentially flawed plan for LTC financing, and the flaw of that plan is exposed with wit and avoiding scare tactic

 Self-Funding Your LTC Risk (3.5 minutes):

This video is best used with affluent people who intend to self-fund or might consider doing so. It earns their respect by acknowledging and affirming their inclinations before exposing them to additional thoughts which usually leads them to conclude “I should consider LTCi sometime.” Our “Should I Buy Now or Wait?” video is a natural follow-up item. This video is mostly used in the individual market, but it could be good to show it to an executive decision-maker or as part of a presentation to a board of directors.

Should You Buy LTCi Now or Wait? (5 minutes)

This video departs from the typical financial advisor suggestions as to “why you might prefer to buy now” rather than putting off the decision. This video is mostly used in the individual market, but it could be good to show it to an executive decision-maker or as part of a presentation to a board of directors. It is not necessary to show the “Self-Funding Your LTC Risk” video first. This one stands on its own.

Workplace Caregiving and its impact on employers (2 minutes)

This excellent video was created by one of our associates, AGIS. AGIS helps market to large employers and provides an outstanding enrollment service.

We are passionate about education, about accuracy and about evaluating and mitigating risk. That’s why we’re such fans of AGIS’s enrollment approach. It focuses on proper education, is accurate and successfully encourages people to anticipate and plan for risk.

AGIS graciously allows us to use this video, but please be aware that the intent is to drive business for them as well as for us.

Industry Videos

Collection of Industry Videos

“The Value of a Core Employer-Sponsored LTCi Program” (9 minutes)

Demonstrates how valuable a core program can be


Why Install a Voluntary LTCi Program

Intended primarily for large employers (small voluntary LTCi programs are not economic for brokers). Voluntary LTCi programs are tough to close, partly because insurance professionals tout the insurance value of voluntary LTCi. Consciously or sub-consciously, employers realize that by the time their employees (or their employees’ spouses) will need LTC, the employee likely will no longer be working for the employer. Therefore the employer has little incentive to adopt the program and it gets either rejected or bumped every time a more important issue arises (which is very frequent)

 Instead, leveraging the capabilities of AGIS in particular, we laud the value of LTC awareness and education and services which help caregiver employees maintain maximum productivity. That is, we educate employees about LTC, help them recognize that they are farther along that path than they realized and help them effectively plan for future LTC events with their family. We introduce ways to reduce LTC risk and also ways to make LTC more effective (easing the employee’s mind), more efficient (saving them time as well as worry) and less expensive (enabling the family to make more use of commercial LTC)

 The employer values the services which will maintain employee productivity and is pleased to learn that those services are free if we implement a voluntary LTCi program. That program will not only fund the services mentioned herein, it will also inoculate future generations of employees; future employees’ caregiving experiences will be better because more of their elders will have purchased LTCi

Life Happens

has the following 14 LTCi-related videos:

  • LTCi 101 (2:13)
  • Lissette’s story (3:22). Available in Spanish (3:38) as well as English. – Building and Protecting a Life Together
  • Tim’s video (3:12; 7 children) – Careful Planning Saved a Family and a Business
  • Theresa Mollicone (3:38) – A Burden Relieved
  • Vernon’s Story (4:05) – Peace of Mind for the Long Term
  • Barbara’s Video (4:01) – A Peaceful and Dignified End
  • Lydia’s Video (4:17) – Preserving a Secure Retirement
  • Barbara Falcone (3:35) -At the End, Comfort and Familiarity
  • Why Long-Term Care Insurance (11:34). Note that this one is longer
  • LTCi Segment 1 (2:28) – Protecting My Assets
  • LTCi Segment 2 (1:54) – Avoid Becoming a Burden to My Family
  • LTCi Segment 3 (2:10) – Obtaining High-Quality Care
  • LTCi Segment 4 (2:12) – Advantages of Buying Early
  • LTCi Segment 5 (2:22) – Achieving Peace of Mind

Life Happens – Life Insurance

This link takes you to more than 100 life insurance-related videos from “Life Happens”.  Many are under 1 minute long as you can see below:

  1. Life-insurance-101 (1:39)
  2. Things-to-keep-in-mind-about-life-insurance (0:30)
  3. Advice as to leaving a legacy (0:15), Don’t-procrastinate (0:15), etc.
  4. 4-reasons-you-may-need-life-insurance-when-you-retire (0:45)
  5. 5-times-you-should-review-your-life-insurance-coverage (0:30)
  6. 6-reasons-singles-need-life-insurance (0:43)       
  7. Videos comparing the cost of life insurance to the cost of  eating-out (0:21), bottled-soda (0:22), latte (0:23), cable TV (0:22), cell-phone  (0:25)
  8. And many family stories (

For videos regarding the disadvantages of NOT having insurance go to


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