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Thanks for your interest in using our services for employer-sponsored LTC-related business.

Our quoting process is flexible, based on a specific client’s and your needs and preferences.  Generally, we produce:

  1. A Consultant’s Report (roughly 10 pages) which you may or may not read entirely and may or may not share with your employer. Obviously, it is your choice what to do with it.  However, it assures you and your client (through their trust in you, your reference to the report or because you send the report, or a version of it, to them) that a top-notch professional consulting analysis has been done on behalf of your client – similar to the analysis done for the largest employers.  If you or your client has a question, as to the requirements or limitations of a program or why a particular program was recommended, you may well find the answer in this report.  A sample report is available on the “Quotes” tab under “Employer-Sponsored (Work-Site/Multi-Life) Stand-Alone and Linked Benefit Programs” menu.  This report is an unprotected word.docx to allow you to modify it as you see fit and excerpt material to put into a report you generate, if you prefer
  2. An Excel spreadsheet with customized analysis for your client. Rather than sending this spreadsheet to you immediately, we will schedule a one-on-one webinar to walk you through this spreadsheet for the following reasons:
    • We explain why the spreadsheet is set up in that fashion and the purpose of the various tabs, explaining how to navigate it, what is in it, what can be varied to demonstrate issues to the client or to answer client questions on-the-spot. Trying to figure it out on your own would be a waste of your time
    • You get to ask questions on the spot as they arise. That makes things a lot easier for you.
    • We learn more about how best to serve the case when we hear your comments and questions as we walk you through the spreadsheet.

To study the case, I need the following information:

    1. Please provide an electronic census, preferably Excel or csv, so I can cut and paste.  See the Census Form under “Quotes” which is part of the “Employer-Sponsored (Work-Site/Multi-Life) Stand-Alone and Linked Benefit Programs” menu on our web-site. That census form is color-coded to identify the information needed to do initial or complete analysis and to secure insurer approval.
    2. It is especially nice if you know which employees have a spouse/partner (particularly for the top executives).  When I don’t get spouse birthdays, I typically assume the female spouse is two years younger than the male spouse.
    3. Please identify the company’s web-site (or at least name).  I often find valuable information on their web-site.
    4. Even if the request is solely for a voluntary program, it is an important service to demonstrate the value of an executive carve-out. Employers are surprised to learn that even employees who are not part of an Executive Carve-Out may benefit if the employer pays for the top execs, as I can explain.  So, it is very helpful if you identify the key staff.
    5. If you know some of their interests or health conditions, it is good to let me know.
    6. Knowing how they are taxed is valuable: do they pay income taxes directly to the Federal government or do they report it to owners who include such earnings in their personal tax returns?
  • After our webinar in which I walk you through the analysis, I send you (updated) documents. Depending on our conversation, I may introduce you to expert enrollment support team.
  • You then decide how to approach the client.
    • You decide which carrier(s) and product configurations will be shown to the client.  (If only one carrier is going to be presented, we may provide that carrier’s proprietary illustration.) If necessary, I modify my documents to suit your needs
    • You schedule a webinar in which we support you in engaging the client in educational/consultative fashion. You run the discussion and I provide analysis and answer their questions.  Sometimes the enroller will participate.  Such a webinar avoids a drawn-out iterative process.  We may do a webinar with a gate-keeper first, to get approval to do a webinar for the decision-maker(s).


Often advisors intend to have discussions with the client without involving us.  I’m confident that if you involve us in the discussion, you’ll appreciate the value of doing so.

  • When we know how the client wants to proceed, you complete a form provided by the carrier to get the case approved.  The form generally requires an employer signature and any missing needed census data.
  • I submit the case to the insurer, explaining why I feel it is a good case for them. After approval, the case is implemented.
  • We can help in the implementation process. For more information, see our web-site discussion of “Enrollment Support” under “Other Resources” which is part of the “Employer-Sponsored (Work-Site/Multi-Life) Stand-Alone and Linked Benefit Programs” menu on our web-site.

I see the world in infinite shades of gray and am happy to alter the process to fit special circumstances.

We also have a number of flyers that can help you uncover employer-sponsored opportunities.  To help you strengthen ties with clients, prospects and referral sources, we provide free CE classes you can offer to HR professionals.  We can provide drip email messages, etc.  You can look on our web-site for ideas to discuss with us.

We look forward to brain-storming with you and providing outstanding service to your clients.


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