Worksite UW & Size Participation Requirements

Written by Claude Thau

February 21, 2020

We recently updated our worksheet on Worksite underwriting size and participation requirements and wanted to share it with you. Check in with us to determine what’s available in your client’s jurisdictions for your client’s profile.
Type of Program
Minimum # of Employees
Participation Requirement
Stand-Alone LTCi Programs
Transamerica Voluntary 150 See below
Transamerica Employer Contribution 10 5.  However to secure health concessions, the greater of 10 or 5% of the employees between ages 45-65 and earning at least $35K/year
National Guardian Any Varies by jurisdiction from 2 to 5 (see below) Varies by jurisdiction from 2 to 5 (see below)
LifeSecure Voluntary 100
LifeSecure Employer Contribution 10 10
Genworth Voluntary 350 None
Genworth Employer Contribution  




Employer-sponsored education but not product Paid by employee directly to the insurer 1 1
Linked Benefit Programs
Transamerica Any 5 5
Trustmark Any 100 (under 100 may be possible with 100% participation) 20 if enrollment process is satisfactory

NGL’s unisex employer-sponsored product is available in the following jurisdictions if the parenthetical number of employees for the employer’s home state are issued coverage (all jurisdictions combined).  Example, a company based in Oklahoma must have at least 5 employees buy coverage; if 5 employees who work other states purchase coverage, the program is legitimate even if no Oklahoma employees purchase.

AK (5), AL (3), AR (5), CO (2), CT (2), DE (3), GA (2), HI (5), IA (2), ID (4), IL (2), IN (2), KS (3), KY (3), LA (2), MA (2), MD (3), MI (2), MN (2), MO (2), MS (2), NC (5), ND (2), NE (5), NH (3), NJ (2), NM (5), NV (2), OK (5), OH (2), OR (2), PA (5), RI (2), SC (3), SD (3), TN (3), TX (2), UT (2), VA (2), VT (2), WA (5)*, WI (2), WV (5), WY (4).

Health Concessions for Stand-Alone LTCi:

If Transamerica is convinced that at least 10 employees will purchase, Transamerica would likely agree to ignore cancer and heart histories (except in the past 3 months; 12 months for cardiomyopathy) and height/weight for all employees under age 66 who have worked at the employer at least six months and have not missed more than 5 consecutive days of work (due to accident, illness or disability, etc.) in the past six months and not needed LTC in the past year.

If the employer contributes to the cost for at least 25 employees, those employees’ spouses/life partners (but not other employees’ spouses/life partners) can qualify for the same health concessions if they satisfy the characteristics cited above (including having worked the past six months with their employer).

National Guardian offers no health concessions and is a tough underwriter.

For actively-at-work (AAW) employees under age 65 and AAW spouses (18-49), LifeSecure ignores joint surgery, heart conditions with no co-morbidity unless a defibrillator is being used and does not look as far back in an applicant’s health history as other insurers do for some conditions.

Genworth does simplified underwriting but can decline due to height/weight, 21 dread conditions or ADL deficiencies.

Health Concessions for Stand-Alone LTCi:

Transamerica will provide $100,000 LTCi GI ($50,000 of death benefit) for employees up to age 70 and $30,000 LTCi GI ($15,000 of death benefits) for spouses/life partners up to age 65 (only if the employee buys).

Trustmark will provide GI (up to the lesser of what a $10/week premium would buy or $200,000) through age 64.  Before enrollment starts, we must confirm the following will occur.

  1. 70% must attend a one-on-one face-to-face presentation
  2. Waiver cards processed through the Selerix enrollment system
  3. MGI questions to be asked in case a) or b) does not occur (same 20 apps qualify for MGI).

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