Get Business Leads from Other Professionals

Written by Claude Thau

February 21, 2020

Many professionals focus in the business market.  They may be willing to introduce you to their clients to provide valuable expert LTCi advice, particularly if you do not compete with them.

Who are some of these professionals?

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Property and Casualty Agents
  • Employee Benefit brokers (many don’t want to do LTCi and lack expertise therein)

Each type of entity and each entity can be different.  Brain-storm with us to create a strategy and tactics for approaching such valuable referral sources.

Things to consider:

  • Do they want referrals in exchange?  That can be tough because you may have multiple relationships?
  • (How) can you reward them for their services?  Even if they can’t or don’t want to receive a commission split, you may be able to reward them.  Can you pay them for the time they spend with their client to uncover the need for LTC?  Can you advertise in their newsletter?  Can you fund a client-appreciation meeting or reserve space in their office to meet their clients there?
  • What communication do they want to have about your discussions with their clients?  Will you arrange a client satisfaction survey that will go directly to the referrer privately?  Would they like you to provide them a framed statement regarding their relationship with you so they could post it in their office?
  • Do you have a “contract” that you can provide them regarding how you will deal with their clients?  Remember that their greatest concern is that their clients get good service.
  • Might they want you to be part of their agency (exclusively or non-exclusively)?  Would you have a set of business cards indicating your relationship to them?
  • Can you provide CE to this profession?  If so, you can make a good impression and your CE class can give examples, suggesting profiles of clients and asking them to raise the questions they think their clients will have.  This gives you a great opportunity to educate them about the value of LTCi for their clients while also demonstrating the quality of service you’d provide.
  • Show them one or more of our flyers and ask them if they’d be willing to distribute them and if they’d suggest any variation.  We can easily modify the flyer and if you satisfy their request, you’ll build a strong bond.
  • We can also provide an email campaign.
  • Some leads might like our offering of free CE for HR professionals.


We look forward to discussing your opportunities with you and learning about your ideas for building such relationships.

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