Keep these flyers handy for when you meet someone in a casual setting (at an elevator, restaurant, hair salon, etc.).  An “elevator flyer” is better than an “elevator speech” because you can refer to a point on a flyer and follow-up on that point later.

Furthermore, the person might read the flyer while waiting for or on the elevator or waiting for their table at a restaurant or for their order to arrive.  (What else are they going to do while waiting?)  Collect their business card and promise to call them in a few days.  You can customize the flyers below with your own wording.

Example:  You overhear someone complaining about the cost of health insurance for their employees.  You might say “My clients also struggle with that cost.  Many have been excited to learn they can get great tax breaks covering long-term care health even if they insure only the owner and the owner’s spouse or just some key executives.”

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